One Day in September

So what’s so BIG about chili?  What is it about chili that makes thousands of people gather on the second Sunday in September in the mountains of Colorado.  Baffling!  Maybe it’s the music, the bluegrass, the vintage rock, the Cajun blues, the guy with the guitar who breaks your heart.  Or it could be the beer from the mountain brewers, dark and nutty, or glacial ales flowing from the tap as fast as mugs can exchange hands, a layer of foam sloshing over the edge of the cup, all smiles as we serve up one more round.  Then there are the artists offering every manner of bedazzled goods, from belts to beaded bangles to bears that stand in the yard across from the children’s area where every face is painted and the castles bounce without restraint.  Take all that away and all that’s left is the long row of engines, red and shining in the sun, surrounded by the point of the whole day, because in reality it is all about the firefighters, the people who everyday wake up prepared to take the hit for all of us so that we can live in these mountains with a sense of security.  They are heroes and for that one day in September we come together as a community to listen to music and drink some beer, but what we really do on that one day is say thank you to some people who deserve the best that we can give them because they give us their best on all the other days.  And the chili?  It is BIG, in ways we can’t even measure.


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