That’s What It’s All About!

I would just like to talk a little bit about what the Cook-Off is about.  This event takes place every September in Evergreen, Colorado.  We have beer, chili, music, art, great people, and all of it is here to support the volunteer firefighters of our mountain community.  We are pretty lucky up here in our mountain paradise to not have to deal with hurricanes or tsunamis etc…, but we do have to worry about wildfires.  Because we are a small community, brave everyday heroes volunteer to put their lives on the line in an effort to protect me and my neighbors. 

This chili cook-off event supports these brave men and women so that they can have the equipment and funding they to keep themselves safe and help them protect this community and the people within it.  The Big Chili Cook-Off, with the help of donations and sponsorships from countless wonderful businesses, raises money for our firefighters.  Last year we had the opportunity to raise over $50,000 for the 6 fire departments involved in the Cook-Off.

Currently we are in the process of getting ready for next year.  We are working on gathering sposers, lining up bands and, of course, getting the beer trucks.  This is a year-long project.  We never have an off-season here at the Big Chili Cook-Off because our firefighters never get an off-season!

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