(Firefighter) Night Before Christmas

I found this at: http://www.firefighternation.com/profiles/blogs/firefighter-night-before 

(Firefighter) Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,
All the firefighters were asleep, even the one called “The Louse”,

The bunk room was filled, with farts and snores,
With visions of no fires, nor calls to pry open doors,

The Captain had just laid down, his big fat head,
Hoping and praying, the night would be dead,

When he heard a noise, out in the bay,
If it were a burglar again, what would he say,

As he snuck around the corner, and stepped onto the bay floor,
He saw a such a sight, one never seen before,

It was Clause standing there, looking at the truck with awe,
The old man was crying, and quivering his jaw,

The Captain filled with compassion, put a hand on his shoulder,
Comforting as he’d done, helping others many times over,

He said “It’s ok pops”, as Santa shivered and cried,
Clause replied “I’m so sorry, I’m thinking of your brothers, that have died”,

“I stood here looking, at the soot covered gear,
And thought of them all, who advanced with no fear”,

“I thought of the victims, they’d cut out of cars,
And the drunk that they’d helped, who had just left the bars”,

“I thought of your brothers, who ran out of air in a fire,
And the ones who have helped, a child with bike, put air in the tire”,

“I thought of the their families, who wonder and worry,
When they leave for work, in a mighty big hurry”,

“How fireman give selflessly, in a wreck, disaster, or fire,
How they get the job done, and never, ever, seem to tire”,

“I bowed my head in silence, and much to my surprise,
A tear welled up, then more, ‘Till they filled up my eyes”,

“How do you do it Cap?”, he asked in sadness,
“It’s in our hearts” he replied, and we do it with gladness.”,

At that time the tones went off, “Gotta go” said the captain with a sigh,
“Someone’s in trouble, so I must say goodbye.”

As the crew loaded up, Old Clause he stood back,
Knowing these firefighters, Had just left the sack,

As they pulled out the station, wiping sleep from their eyes,
A firefighter said “Hey Cap”, “Was that Saint Nick?” with surprise,

Clause smiled and replied, “Thanks David, Michael, Jim and Louse,
Thanks all you firefighters, who save peoples house,”

“Thanks Art, Steve,Harvey, Sherrie, and Ryan,
I don’t know how you do it, but somehow you keep from cryin’

“May God keep you safe, and in the palm of his hands,
Keep you and guide you,
While you serve and protect these great lands”

Written: 1-December-2001
~Mark S. Warnick


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