Living Like You Matter

For the past ten years on the second Sunday in September the most phenomenal thing has happened.  Thousands have gathered to celebrate the lives of people who give this community the luxury of living in safety.  They do it with music and art, and a grand chili contest.  One hundred chilies, some hot, some not, all vying for that coveted pronouncement of “best”, and when it’s all over checks are written to six volunteer fire departments in the mountain community, because things like equipment and training cost money, and saying thank you feels more meaningful when it is backed by dollars that will help them do their job.  This event happens so seamlessly, and with such joy, that one might think it happens on its own, but not so.  The Big Chili Cook-off happens in large part because of a group of people who exist solely for the purpose of making a contribution.  They are called the Blue Spruce Kiwanis and amongst other things, they give to this community by supporting our volunteer firefighters with the Big Chili Cook-off, and despite the work, which is immeasurable, they continue to make this event happen because when it comes down to it, they believe that what they do makes a difference for a lot of people, and that all by itself makes it worth doing.

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