Heart of the Matter

The Big Chili Cook-Off takes place in a small town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  If there was ever a place that was like the fairy tale small town we all see in the movies, Evergreen is that place.  Main Street is lined with mom and pop shops, Evergreen lake plays host to romantic walk, summer concerts, pond hockey, and, of course, the Chili Cook-Off.  Here in Evergreen we can call the local coffee shop to find the bank president to ask him if he will be at our Christmas party later that night.  Our headline news here is a little girl who spent the summer selling lemonade to pay for care packages to send to our troops overseas. 

Here in Evergreen we live a quite life, our version of a burglar is a confused deer that found itself in someone’s living room.  Everybody knows everybody and that is exactly why the Cook-off is so important to us.  These volunteer firefighters aren’t just people, they are our family, friends, and neighbors.  We know them, we eat breakfast next to them at the whole in the wall restaurant in the middle of town.  We send our kids to school with their kids, we buy beer in line with them, getting ready for Sunday football. 

Here in Evergreen we are a true community who takes the time to care about the people within it.  Here in Evergreen, we are in this together.


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