Good to Know

Sometimes the image you have of a place can change drastically with just one tiny piece of information.  We all know Best Buy as a great place to purchase electronics, and of course they have that squad of complete nerds who have no social life and thus the time to understand your laptop inside and out, and most of the Best Buy employees have actually played the majority of the cyber games you want to purchase for your nephew, but all of that is common knowledge.  Nothing to make you stop and say hmmmmmm.  But last September, the Best Buy in Denver West had a hmmmmmm moment that is worth mentioning.  They sent a team of volunteers to the Big Chili Cook-Off in Evergreen, Colorado, the one that raises money for six mountain area volunteer fire departments.  They made chili, and shook hands and took pictures and supported the mountain communities in an important effort.  Oh, and when they came they brought a 32” big screen television with blue ray capabilities and all the hooks ups and gadgets that go with it.  They donated it to the Big Chili silent auction and it raised a pile of cash for … you guessed it – the volunteer firefighters.  Hmmmmmmm, I didn’t know that a big company like Best Buy did things like that.  So now you know.  One of those “good to know” things next time you go shopping.


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