A Holiday tradition

Well… most of you know that the Big Chili Cook-Off takes place at the Evergreen Lakehouse every year.  It has been an honor to have it there for the last nine years.  Our event is in September, when its nice and warm, the sun glittering off of the water.  However, this time of year, the middle of December, that beautiful water is under a glistening sheet of ice.  As soon that ice is thick enough, skaters from all over come to glide around or play hockey in the fresh mountain air.  It doesn’t matter how cold, how snowy, or if the wind is blowing, the ice has people on it. 

This outdoor rink is currently is the largest skating rink in the U.S. and the Evergreen community could not be more proud. 

Every year Drive Smart, holds a great New Year’s Eve event complete with hot chocolate, roasted marshmallows, and rosy cheeks.  There are fireworks and skating under the dark blanket of a Rocky Mountain night sky.  If you have never made it to this event, you should give it a try this year.

It is sure to become a Holiday tradition!


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