Small Town Medicine- A Rescue On Friday Night

So I thought I knew the Evergreen Fire and Rescue people pretty well.  When you share a chili cook-off you figure you’ve got a reasonably clear picture of who these people are, but actually experiencing their services has changed my perspective somewhat.  My mother, 81 years old, was at my house with my entire family, celebrating my dad’s birthday last Friday when out of nowhere, and I do mean without the slightest hint, she lost consciousness.  She was getting up from the table, then sat back in her chair and passed out.  We called 911 while trying to wake her, but her partially closed eyes showed a complete vacancy.  A paramedic named Sean came to our door while my husband was still on the phone with dispatch describing my mom’s condition.  Sean knelt down in front of her and tried to stir her, saw she was breathing normally, learned all of our names,  and assured us that the ambulance was right behind him, and it was.  A few minutes later we had a house full of people lifting my mom onto a gurney and into the ambulance, where they started an I-V and before they took off for Lutheran Medical Center they had her conscious and responding to questions as though nothing had ever happened.  She spent a night in the hospital as it turns out with a septic infection that could have been life threatening, but was diffused to a certain extent by a team of people who work with ballet-like fluidity in the midst of near catastrophe.  They are a study in grace and professionalism that gave us all a tremendous sense of confidence in a moment when confidence made all the difference.  I felt proud of what they did and how well they did it, and thankful that my mom was with us in Evergreen when all of this happened, because at a time in her life when she needed more than her family, my mom couldn’t have been in better hands.


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