Don the Red Suit


There is a certain dim satisfaction in knowing that Christmas has passed and we have all survived the festivities, and to think it all started way back on December 3rd with the Downtown Evergreen Holiday Walk.  That is the night where hundreds of us are convinced that Santa is real and he and his wife life in the Evergreen area.  From his long beard to the tip of his black boots he is as actual as our credit card bills, only a lot more fun.  As I was making my way through the crowded streets that night I heard someone say, “Don’t you just want to live here?”, and I knew exactly how they felt, because the idyllic setting and huggable atmosphere doesn’t end with the “Walk” or even with Christmas.  We are blessed to share this air with these stalwart peaks and meandering herds and to be able to call it home, as though we were always here.  Making it all hang together takes a lot of people giving of their resources, both time and money, because they have decided that it is worth the extra effort to make these mountains part of their everyday instead of a weekend excursion.  If you are one of the business owners or residents or non-profit leaders who has done that this year, we offer our thanks and admiration.  Santa does live here.  Just look in the mirror.


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