Fitted for a Coon Skin Cap

We have waited these many months and at last the day has come.  There is snow in Evergreen, Colorado, coming down steadily, piling up a little at a time, covering this mountain world in a blanket of frigid white with crisp, lung tingling air to go with it.  It is beautifully invigorating and about time.  The fall and early winter have been warm, don’t bother with a coat balmy, a “look that girl is wearing flip flops in December” kind of sunny, and everyone has enjoyed the good fortune it has wrought, but we have lived under a certain cloud of apprehension.  The one that says “winter is coming and it is going to be big”.  Hopefully we all have thought to winterize the one thing in life that really matters – our attitudes.  We are blessed to get the moisture these mountains crave, and to have it in pieces of perfect winter crystal only makes it better.  It isn’t easy to drive in, but that’s why you own a four-wheel-drive.  Let us prove who we are.  Fearless, a little stupid, definitely up to the challenge.  In the next few days our heroes will not be wearing capes or badges, they will be driving trucks with snow plows attached to the front, and they will fall into that long list of people who make it all work up here, because they do a little more, despite the odds, with astounding results.  Buck up, Evergreen; spit into the wind, Conifer; laugh at the stormy night, Pine.  Today we are more than mere mortals, we are mountain people!


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