It Must Be a Sign

In man’s long and arduous quest to know who he is and where he belongs we have found one truth to be certain. Proper signage makes a huge difference. At the 2010 Big Chili Cook-Off Music and Arts Festival our guests were faced with a dilemma. Should they peruse the art, let the kids take a turn in the jumpy castle, watch the guy with the chain saw turn a length of tree trunk into a statuesque carving, visit the firefighters, or just grab a beer and listen to some music, before tasting the more than 100 chilies that were simmering to perfection? And what was the best way to get through this mass of humanity so that in the end they had tasted, toe tapped, jumped and jingled to their hearts content? Enter the Sign Guy. The 2010 Big Chili was privileged to have Zuni Signs pointing the way with banners and signs of every size and color and – they didn’t just make the signs. They hung them, which in some cases required a truck with a ladder in it and a great sense of balance, then they cleaned them up and stored them away for next year. Zuni Signs offered their constant support as well as their expertise, and in the end, they thanked us for getting to be a part of it. Believe us when we say, the honor was all ours!


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