ESCO Construction – Looking Forward to 2011

When we set out to put on the 2010 Big Chili Cook-off Music and Arts Festival we knew that much of our success would depend on the amount of support we could garner from the community. What we didn’t know was how astoundingly generous so many of the businesses in the mountain area would be. We have come to know that there are business owners who will give despite a recession, because they support what they believe in and a ragged economy can’t change that. ESCO Construction partnered last year with the Big Chili through their many supportive dollars and also as chili cooks. In fact they won the “Best Red” in the Judges Category and they cooked every bit of it, chopped every pepper, grilled all the meat, roasted the corn and deep fried the potatoes from the less than convenient cook station of their red, white and blue trailer, which was parked at the east end of the lot if you missed it. This amazing family owned business has been an integral part of the Evergreen landscape for several decades and their support of the fire fighting community has been unending, starting with Grandpa Clark, a founder of the Evergreen Fire & Rescue services, and continuing through today – they are a family of volunteer firefighters. The Big Chili is proud to be partnering with ESCO Construction again this year, as they have signed on for another round of major sponsorship. And the chili? They’ll be back with the award winning red, and they’ll be adding a green. Look out chili cooks. They say the green is what they’re really good at!

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