History Repeats Itself

In September of 1940 Adolph Hitler began his “Blitz” on the city of London, flying by night, when the Luftwaffe planes couldn’t be seen, he bombed the city with the highest concentration of civilians in England. London responded with a mandatory blackout of the city from dusk until dawn, with nearly 180,000 people sleeping through the night in shelters underground.  The bombing went on for 57 days and for all 57 of those long dangerous nights, guess who was on duty.  An army of volunteer firefighters, who gave up their chance at shelter to work to put out the fires caused by the cavalcade of dropping explosives.  The Nazis used the burning buildings left in their first pass to light a target for their second time around, so the men working to extinguish the fires were frantic to accomplish their task, knowing that at any minute they would be directly in line for the next wave of attack.  In September of 2001 our own country was attacked, and once again an army of firefighters flew into action.  The 343 firefighters who were killed didn’t die because they were in the towers when the planes hit, they died because they were in the towers when the buildings fell.  They were there to rescue their fellow citizens.  A lot has changed since September of 1940, yet, our firefighters stand with the same fortitude and single mindedness of the men during Hitler’s reign of terror over London.  First we are amazed, then grateful and finally indebted. 

“Never have so many owed so much to so few.”  Winston Churchill

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