Now the Winter

If you had to define winter at its best you could do it in the Colorado mountains today.  The trees hung low with snow laden branches and the meadows sported an expanse of blanketing flakes, while the sky, ever blue, cradled a sun so bright its fingers scratched a surface of diamonds on the surrounding peaks.  Though travel was slow and you honestly couldn’t spend a lot of time without shelter it was the kind of winter day that makes you think God might be a skier.  Beautiful in its vastness, frightening in the harsh reality of the crystal air, and breathtaking , with colors so vivid and variations so distinct it makes your mouth water.  Though you curse the day for the cold and the ice, you must stop a moment in the silence of the perfectly dressed mountainside and be awed by the inspiration that awaits you just outside your door, because you are privileged to call these Rocky Mountains your home.  They are good and bold and they let you be a part of the scheme.   So be humble and enjoy.  Let it be the winter of your contentment.


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