One at a Time

Today is the day we pay respect to a man who took a stand and was killed for it.  In 1963 he stood on a podium in a world that claimed to be full of liberal and correct thinking, and insisted that we could do better, that it was possible for men of all races to live together as God planned.  He never raised a gun or landed a fist, and yet he was one of the most powerful men our history has ever known.  He was resented by many, not only for his ideals, but because he was telling America to grow up.  He marched on Washington, singing by the way, rather than shouting, and said it was time.  It was time for our nation, to stand by the constitution on which we were founded, declaring that all men and women are equal, in actuality, rather than in theory.  He looked us in the eye and called on our character to override our foolishness, and for truth to supersede the wrong.  Since he was gunned down the growing pains have been immense, yet we have grown none the less.  Our nation is not what Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed of, but it is certainly not what it was, and as each day passes, as long as we believe that we are worthy of the world he hoped for, and if we know that God is bigger than our weakness, we will get there, just as he marched those many years ago, one step at a time.


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