Asphalt Artistry Paves the Way!

At the Big Chili we are proud of every one of our sponsors, but never more than when one of our Board Members steps forward and doubles his sponsorship from last year.  Asphalt Artistry will once again be supporting our Volunteer Firefighters with a cash donation, but owners Shane and Theresa Cook aren’t stopping there.  Theresa will be assisting in our artist area and Shane will be helping with the chili cooks, recruiting and signing up businesses for the $100 Chili Cook Sponsorships.  Asphalt Artistry has figured out the most important part about doing business in the mountain communities.  The contribution you make to the overall good of the people who live here has a lot to do with the success of the business you own.  It takes more than good prices and great service to earn the trust and loyalty of local residents.  It takes giving back in ways that are not always measurable in the immediate.  It takes buying in to the whole small town scene, where relationships are every bit as important as the cash in your pocket, and sometimes more.  We salute you Asphalt Artistry for the many years you have served this community with reliability and integrity and for your generous sponsorship of our firefighting and rescue services!


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