Measure of Riches

There is an assumption that people who give money for a good cause are ultra wealthy and just looking for ways to spend their extra cash, but where the Big Chili Cook-off is concerned that just isn’t so.  Our sponsorships come from every kind of business; long standing, brand new, flush or just getting by.  We don’t list the amount that each of our sponsors give on our website because money is a relative thing.  The small business that employs only the owner- operator that gives $100 may be sacrificing more to do that than the bigger business that gives ten times that amount.  For us, it comes down to this.  The amount of money a business or an individual gives is unimportant; what matters is the fact that you give at all.  It is about everyone’s participation, all of us contributing what we can, to see that this ever important work continues.  When we take ownership of the fire rescue effort in our own community we succeed in caring for our neighbors in a way that matters, and when shared by many, the burden becomes bearable.  Thank you to all of our very generous sponsors.  You are the oil that makes these wheels turn, the fuel that keeps the engines running, the spirit that wins the day!


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