Rocky Mountain Made

It can’t be denied that one of the best parts about the Big Chili Cook-off is the beer.  It is a matter of both quality and quantity.  We want it fast, we want it cold and we want something we can sink our teeth into.  Tommyknocker Brewery has been a part of this event for years, always serving up something dark and nutty, next to something light and glacial, and making Big Chili fans line up for re-fills for miles.  If you work in the beer area you simply can’t get the glasses filled fast enough.  Plan to be covered from head to toe in run-off and don’t even think about stopping for a breather.  It may be the chili, or it may be the gorgeous sunny day in the mountains, or it may be the fabulous music, but on that day, nothing but a cold one will do.  Coors serves as the distributor in this whole extravaganza, and just for good measure we had them throw some Coors Light on the truck, which sold like wildfire, which was okay because we were surrounded by firefighters.  Between Coors and Tommyknocker Brewery the whole operation ran like clockwork, with one exception.  For the 2011 Big Chili Cook-off, we’re going to have to bring in two trucks.


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