Chili Winners!

Last September at the Big Chili Cook-off, our panel of judges awarded Stagecoach Sports Grill, located at the corner of Stagecoach and Highway 74, the Best Restaurant Chili.  It was a green chili with a pleasing texture, complex flavors and some extra kick.  They serve this exact green chili everyday at the Stagecoach Grill with warm tortillas or on the side of their quesadilla and it is a sensation of great flavors.  Stagecoach Grill not only made chili, but they were a cash sponsor of the 2010 Big Chili Cook-off and we couldn’t be prouder to have their name next to ours.  Troy and Phil are committed to supporting the community and they continue to do so every day.  Our Volunteer Firefighters love Stagecoach Grill for their food, and their fun atmosphere and their generous spirit.   Our hats are off to Stagecoach Sports Grill as we look forward to another great Chili Cook-off event!


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