Dogs on Patrol

Have you ever wondered why Fire Engines are often pictured with a Dalmation riding up front?  When organized firefighting first began, it was done entirely by volunteer s, and being the times they were, the engines were actually wagons pulled by horses.  Dalmations of that day, not being especially good hunters, were relegated to the stables, and thus grew to have no fear of the horses, and the feeling was mutual.  As volunteer organizations began to compete with private firefighting companies there was a certain amount of competition, and firefighters found a need to guard their horse drawn wagons while they stood parked waiting for a summons.  The Dalmation, living in complete comfort with the horses became the obvious choice, thus the Dalmation took its place on the fire wagon standing guard.  The need for the black and white patrol has diminished since those early days, but they still serve as mascot in many fire stations.  They have become accustomed to the sirens and bells and are quite comfortable accompanying the firefighters when called to duty, and their black spots on white fur seem a perfect accent to the stunning red engines!


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