Leaving the Station

Last night when we gathered to thank the sponsors of the 2010 Big Chili Cook-off, and to honor, because we do it every chance we get, the volunteer firefighters who serve the mountain community, I realized in the meeting and the mingling that I was surrounded by greatness – greatness in the little things.  For in that room, which was the beautiful lounge in Bergen Park Fire Station, amongst the stunning flower arrangements from Holly Berry and the delicious food from Specialty Catering, and the inspiring music by Jeff Scarborough, while the candles flickered and the conversation grew, I saw a puzzle coming together.  Many pieces all directed toward the same purpose, so that in the end, when each piece was in place a Master Piece would result.  The Blue Spruce Kiwanis took on the effort of the Big Chili Cook-off several years ago, because they believed in the good that it did, after all, it raises funds for six area volunteer fire departments and you really can’t do better than that.  As time has passed this group of believers from Blue Spruce Kiwanis have grown to be true zealots, and their energy is infectious, spilling over onto the people around them, pushing the puzzle to grow larger and more productive.  There are many pieces still open in the puzzle, perhaps the one meant to be filled by one of you.  It is a fast train, bound for greatness, and we invite all who have that unquenchable spirit of giving to the community to climb aboard!


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