Big Picture

One of the best parts of success is the resources it provides to support a cause or a community.  EV Studio in conjunction with EV Real Estate has known from their outset that support through involvement, creative input, and sometimes just writing a check gives a certain sense of ownership, the knowledge that we are all in this together.  The EV Companies were cash sponsors of the 2010 Big Chili Cook-off, and have signed on for 2011 as one of our earliest sponsors for our Tenth Anniversary Event.  On Sunday, September 11th, we will gather at the Evergreen Lake House for a Chili Cook-off, Music and Arts Festival aimed at sending a message – a message to our Volunteer Firefighters, that we see what they do to keep the mountain communities safe and we support them in our hearts and with our dollars; and a message to our entire community, reminding us all that great sacrifice, during the attacks of 9/11 and since then has been made in order for us to live as we do.  The Big Chili salutes our local businesses, who give to all of the worthy causes of the area, and to EV Studios and EV Real Estate for believing that their contribution can make a difference.


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