Disbursement Divas

Putting together a Chili Cook-off like the one we do here in Evergreen takes a bit more than filling a few kettles with chilies and beans.  There is no end to the number of jobs and really devoted people it requires to make the day something that the entire community can be proud of.  Some of the most important things that happen to make the Big Chili a success take place in an office on Bergen Parkway.  Felde and Associates, CPAs do the somewhat unglamorous work of keeping the books in order and seeing that in the end we know exactly how much money was spent and how much we have to give to our volunteer fire departments.  When you call Rita Felde’s office you might get Ray, the brilliant woman who sweats the details to make everything come out right in the end.  This dynamic team, Rita and Ray, volunteer countless hours and immeasurable energy to keeping the numbers in line and they do it with unending grace.  They call themselves “bean counters” but we call them priceless!


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