Childish Realities

There is something about it – big, red, loud, powerful, something about the Fire Engine that makes kids dream of being a firefighter one day.  There is that idea that firefighters are good people, caring about others needs, wearing all the cool gear, and driving those huge blaring trucks through town on the way to a rescue, and somehow when you put it all together you have the makings of a dream for the under six crowd.  Interesting that they don’t even consider how much money these people make, or if they will ever be famous.  The concept that they save people who are in danger, that they rescue kittens from trees and babies from burning buildings, and they arrive on that best of all transports – the big red, siren wailing fire engine, seems to capture the young mind.  It is the craving for things to turn out right that we all have when we are untainted by the world.  Obviously, some people hang on to this less than realistic belief, and thank heavens, they are the ones who become actual firefighters, because if they ever stop dreaming of that ride on the big red truck and the bigger than life rescue that awaits them, we are all in trouble.


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