Chili Time in Evergreen

Chili Cooks start your engines.  It is time to start thinking about how you will tweak your chili recipe to catch the attention of this year’s judging panel.  The panel of judges range in age from eighteen to seventy and they are experts in all things chili.  Rumor has it that at some of these cook-offs the same chili wins every year, but not so at the Big Chili of Evergreen fame.  Last year’s winning chilies in all categories had not won in any previous year, and the judging is absolutely blind.  So get busy and perfect your chili, go for strong flavors and textures, fresh ingredients and peppers that sing.  Last year we had sixty cooks and we are shooting for even more cooks this year so competition will be stiff, but at the Big Chili we all win because in the end it is all about our firefighters.  So, raise your ladles and fire up the stove – the big chili festivities are starting now in kitchens all over the mountain and metro area, and there’s not a minute to lose!


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