Benoit and The Bear

We are asked often about the 2010 Big Chili Cook-off and why it was so successful and the answer is always the same.  There were a lot of things that contributed to the event but none more than our sponsors.  In an event like this it is all about the support of business people, owners who understand that the way of life we all cherish in the mountains only continues with the buy in of businesses and the generosity of individual owners.  The Little Bear Saloon has been here over the years for countless concerns and in 2010 they put their dollars and their hearts behind the Big Chili.  They brought in a great line up of bands that were headlined by Tab Benoit, who had attendees flocking to the event and on their feet until the last note was played.  His energy and talent were assets to the day that people are still talking about, and he is slated to come back again this year.  This year marks the Tenth Anniversary of the Big Chili Cook-Off Music and Arts Festival which coincides with the Tenth Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on our country.  Our plans for the 2011 event are more ambitious than they have ever been, and the support of the Little Bear will go a long way to making it all happen.    Stop in at the Bear sometime for a beer and some music and tell them “thanks”.  Their contribution to our Volunteer Firefighters makes a difference for all of us!

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