Way of the West

Did you know that Colorado actually consumes more chilies than New Mexico, the chili capital of North America?  We are a people who embrace the watering eyes and scorched taste buds of the chili encounter, and we like it served in every way possible, regardless of the time of year or the number of calories.  People who live on bean sprouts will break into a sweat as they pass a steaming vat of chili, and I have seen grown men cry at the prospect of chili around the campfire.  Chili and the chilies that make it flavorful are representative of what we stand for in this state.  We are from everywhere, we will try almost anything, and we love a maverick – the guy who bends the rules a bit, who bites into the jalapeño just to prove he can.   We all love chili because it is something different to everyone who makes it, or eats it.  Your chili recipe might call for pork, or beef, elk, chicken or sausage, all of the above or none of the above.  It can have red, green, hot or mild peppers, beans, rice, corn, tomatoes, and as our winning red chili proved last year (by ESCO Construction) it can even be served over French fries.  Chili is what you want it to be and that’s what makes it such a Colorado food – all of us coming together and doing it our own way.  Fire up the stove, it’s time to put your Colorado spirit to the test.  Let the Chili begin!


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