In Memory

“The time for mourning will pass, but the time for remembering never will.”  George W. Bush

On June 10, 2006 a memorial wall on the FDNY Engine 10, Ladder 10 station, located directly across from the World Trade Center site, was dedicated to the 343 firefighters who died during the rescue efforts of the 9/11 attacks by terrorists on our country.  The wall is a bronze relief depicting scenes from the day of and following the attacks, all filled with firefighters in the midst of a courageous effort to remedy an unfathomable travesty.  The memorial was funded and commissioned by a New York City law firm, Holland & Knight, as a gift to the New York City Fire Department.  Embedded in the wall is a plaque in memory of Glenn J. Winuk, a Volunteer Firefighter who died that horrible day in September, as he put himself in harm’s way for the sake of the many trapped in the burning towers.  Glenn Winuk was a partner at Holland & Knight.  The former Mayor of New York City, Rudolph Gulianni and Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scopetta, as well as other dignitaries were there for the dedication and standing there with them I am certain was the lawyer, a Volunteer Firefighter who died because his country called him.  The plaque reads “…in memory of those who fell and to those who carry on…”  As we gather this September 11th at the Evergreen Lake House to raise funds for our mountain area Volunteer Firefighters we will take a moment to think of Glenn and all who sacrificed that day ten years ago.  It is our chance to say thank you, to our own, to Glenn Winuk and to Holland & Knight, for making sure we remember.


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