Tiny Town with a Big Heart

The Big Chili Cook-Off loves our sponsors and one of our favorites is Tiny Town.  Yes, Tiny Town, the miniature turn of the century village that is settled in a mountain canyon near the town of Morrison, Colorado.  The buildings are all built to a one sixth scale and between the storybook town and the little railroad that runs through it, Tiny Town has been delighting visitors since 1920.  This popular Colorado attraction was established as a not-for-profit entity in 1990, allowing them to distribute a portion of their proceeds to a variety of charitable causes.  For years Tiny Town has supported the mountain Volunteer Firefighters through the Big Chili event that happens the second Sunday in September.  This year, the Tenth Anniversary of the Big Chili Cook-off Music and Arts Festival, Tiny Town is once again contributing to the bottom line and throwing their generous contribution dollars behind our firefighters.  The Big Chili is thrilled to be partnering with Tiny Town in this effort and we look forward to this great Colorado attraction celebrating another phenomenal season in 2011.  Tiny Town Director, Elvira Nedoma says they love the volunteer firefighters and appreciate all they do for the community.  Believe us, Elvira, the feeling is mutual.


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