All in a Day

On February 18th a home exploded in Conifer, Colorado.  The house was empty so thankfully nobody was hurt, but the house was destroyed, with debris flying in every direction, and a subsequent grass fire started as a result.  The Elk Creek Fire Department, as well as Inter-Canyon and Indian Hills firefighters, responded, made sure there were no casualties and put out the fire both to the house and the surrounding area and an investigation of the cause is underway.  On February 3rd several of the Evergreen Volunteer Firefighters came to the Big Chili Sponsor Thank You Party looking somewhat disheveled.  They apologized for their ragged appearance, but they had just come from putting out a fire at a house on Floyd Hill.  There was no time to clean up, so they came to the party in their “work clothes” rather than miss the festivities.  It was clear to all of us that for the Evergreen firefighters, just like the volunteers from Elk Creek, Inter-Canyon and Indian Hills, it was all in a day’s work.  They put out a fire then come to a party, they respond to a house explosion, extinguish a fire, then go home and go to bed.  Just routine, at least for them, while the rest of us just shake our heads and wonder how they do it, when the question we should be asking is not how, but why.  The answer to that is a little different for all of them with one exception.  They do it because it is the right thing.  It’s all about priorities, and we can all be thankful theirs are in order.

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