No Defeat

On December 7th, 1941, the Japanese stunned the world by attacking the American Naval Base at Pearl Harbor.  Over 3,500 people were killed or wounded in the attack, prompting a declaration of war by the United States on Japan the very next day.  There were thirteen military firefighters who were killed that day, and three civilian Volunteer Firefighters.  The Japanese pilots had been instructed to drop bombs on the docked American Battleships in their first pass, and they succeeded in sinking or disabling all eight of them, but in their second pass the pilots had been instructed to target emergency vehicles.  As is always the case, volunteer firefighters were amidst the worst of the catastrophe as they were attempting to save the lives of those downed by the initial attack.  This is only one instance, but one of many, where Americans have required the aide of our Volunteer Firefighting Forces, and the cry has been answered without hesitation, and with tragic loss of life.  We owe much to these people who run into the fray for the sake of others.  Their tradition of bravery and sacrifice has not changed since the beginning of their journey.  They are true Americans, true heroes.


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