Firefighters Challenge

The fun that can be had at the Big Chili Cook-off in Evergreen is endless, but one of the greatest parts of the day is the Firefighters Challenge.  This is when firefighters from each of the six, Elk Creek, Evergreen, Indian Hills, Platte Canyon, Inter Canyon and North Fork, different fire departments don their gear – coat, pants, boots, gloves, helmet, oxygen, and run an obstacle course with a rescue dummy on their back.  They have to crawl through culverts, climb ladders, chain saw through a barrier, and put out a fire, all in the heat of the day with crowds cheering at the top of their lungs.  The firefighter with the best time wins and receives a trophy to display at his fire house.  Last year Garrison Glenschork from Elk Creek won first place and Clint Sayler, also from Elk Creek came in second.  The fire departments run an obstacle course for the kids prior to their own competition.  There is nothing quite like a three year old in a helmet and fire jacket running between the cones spraying spectators with water to put you in the spirit of the day.  It is part of the Big Chili Cook-off that gets everyone smiling and that is what it’s all about!


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