Catch the Big Chili Train

The Big Chili Cook-off Music and Arts Festival is not called big just because it sounds good.  It is big and there are countless ways to be involved.  We need volunteers, chili cooks, vendors, artists and of course sponsors.   Last year’s sponsors are joining us again, getting the ball rolling for a great 2011 event.  This year, our social networking sites have been a huge help in getting the latest and greatest out, and the response has been impressive, bringing word from all over the country.  Sponsorship of our Facebook, fan page, website and daily blog will offer a sponsor tremendous notice from all of our fans and would be attendees of the Big Chili, as well as viewers from everywhere the internet reaches.  Your name will be seen every time any of our sites are viewed, which is hitting between four and five thousand every day. We expect to be over ten thousand per day by this summer.  Most importantly, your sponsorship will go towards the money that goes to our volunteer firefighters, which is why any of this matters in the first place.   The value of sponsorship touches everyone involved and we will be thrilled to have you aboard.


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