On the Shores of Evergreen Lake

On September 11th, which seems terribly far away, but is actually just around the corner, the Big Chili Cook-off Music and Arts Festival will be in full swing with bands playing, chili cooking, firefighters lined up to pose for pictures with attendees, artists displaying their most beautiful creations, and it will all take place at the Evergreen Lake House, where the world comes home.  The Evergreen Parks and Rec District, one of the Big Chili’s biggest sponsors, is planning new things for the park in front of the Lake House and the Big Chili can’t wait to see the results.  The Evergreen Lake House represents the best part of living in the mountains, with the beautiful facility, the inviting grounds, the great staff, and of course the crown jewel of our mountain community – the lake.  Last year the Big Chili brought in over 5,000 guests and sometimes we wonder if moving to another location will be necessary as we continue to grow this event, but whenever the subject comes up the cry goes out, “we have to be at the Lake House – it won’t be the same anywhere else”, something we’re all in agreement about.  So we’ll see you in September at the only place we hope to ever be for the Big Chili – The Evergreen Lake House, where you will find your place in the mountains.


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