Call of the Wild

Picture your company name and logo on this page every time someone opens it up, which as a matter of fact is thousands per day.  Imagine a link from this page, being viewed by close to 5,000 people every day, to your website,  and fan page that we will set up for you.  Think of what we will be able to communicate to your customers and potential customers in the weekly blog that we post for you, on this site that is viewed by thousands daily.  Then suppose what will happen when all of the people who see us, a number that is growing daily, also see you.  You can sponsor our blog, fan page and website, and we will make it worth your while because our sponsors make the Big Chili Cook-off possible and our hearts belong to you.  It’s time not only to think outside the box, but time to step out of the box all together and walk away from it.  You and your company are bigger than any box and today you start flexing some muscle, raising your voice, leaving a footprint, and letting people know that you’re climbing on this internet thing and going for the ride of your life!


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