Giants in the Mountains

If you take a minute to look around, at the world at large, you have to be struck by the remarkable place we live.  The mountains of Colorado are more beautiful than is expressible at times, and the privilege of living here is a gift.  Possibly the most incredible part of living in the mountain communities is the quality of people who call this area home.  They are givers of the most generous kind, true believers in what this community is and what it can be, and they bring it with more than just words and enthusiasm; they bring their support in time, effort and dollars, and as a result, they literally make it possible to live here.  These people are the business owners who see the value in building something with their own sweat; they are creative and committed and tenacious.  When you speak to them you will assume that they have experienced only success because their belief in what they are doing, and why they do it here is simply unshakable.  We talk a lot about heroes on these pages, because we are surrounded by them, we are amazed by what they do, we are grateful they do it in the mountain communities.

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