Start Your Engines

Is there anything cooler than life on a Harley?  Harley Davidson, the motorcycle invented, designed and built in the United States by a twenty year old guy who started by mounting a motor on a regular bicycle.  Intended mainly for racing, the motorized two-wheeler was so popular it became the vehicle of choice in World War I and soon after hit the streets with a vengeance.  The design and performance have continued to be the trademark for the all American icon and today’s bikes are style and grace on wheels.  Harley Davidson isn’t just any motorcycle, it is our motorcycle, the bike that built the West and this year, the Tenth Anniversary for the Big Chili Cook-off, we’ve got ‘em.  Freedom Harley Davidson will be joining us on September 11th at the Lake House.  They are sponsoring the event, and they’re coming with bikes, real Harley Davidson’s.  So put on your leathers and wear your boots.  Harley’s coming to town and we can’t wait!


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