Bring the Kids

The Big Chili Cook-off Music and Arts Festival isn’t just about chili, music and art.  It is hosted by the Blue Spruce Kiwanis so it is also about kids, who up through ten years old get in free.  When you enter the grounds go left, through the chili cooks, past the band stand, around the food vendors, past the artists area and you will find yourself in the happiest place in the whole festival, where there are castles for jumping and faces to paint, balls to be juggled and grass for running.  It is a child’s fun place supervised by big people who are actually children themselves.  They know how to make little people smile and their whole day is devoted to making that happen in the biggest way.  As if there wasn’t already enough excitement, in the middle of the whole party a helicopter, yes a real helicopter, will land and the kids will get to have a look around as well as talk to the pilot and imagine themselves flying over the city on grand rescues.  It’s true what they say about the Big Chili – it’s a lot bigger than just chili!


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