To Do List

It seems that when people believe in something, like liberty, they have their priorities straight in other areas too.   A study of the kind of people it took to build this country is a journey through courage, faith, and fortitude, mixed with enough foible to prove that they were regular people.  Is it any wonder that as our cities grew and the need arose, it would be these same people who would answer the call for one of the most harrowing duties then or now, that being the volunteer firefighter?  Those early noblemen believed in putting their sweat and muscle behind their belief in the life we were fighting for, so with shovel and bucket they joined the forces that would be the genesis of volunteer firefighting in this country.  Amongst those who have served are some you have heard of;  Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Aaron Burr, John Barry, Millard Fillmore and James Buchanan.  Interesting to note that despite their other commitments in life, like writing the Declaration of Independence, being President of the United States, serving in the First Continental Congress, fighting the Revolutionary War, they found time to volunteer to fight the fires that threatened the safety of their homes and neighbors.  Firefighters then, firefighters now – not much has changed.


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