The Art of the Cook-off

The Big Chili Cook-off was created by some people who were bordering on brilliant.  They realized even then that man does not live on chili, beer and music alone.  We need beauty, art as it were, to satisfy the part of us that rises above the heat of the day and meets our soul in that quiet place that restores our sanity in a hurried world.  That is why the event is called the Big Chili Cook-off Music and Arts Festival, and that is why, every year we bring some of the finest artists from all over the state to the Lake House in Evergreen for that wondrous day in September.  The artists are selected by jury and we are pleased to attract true artisans and craftsman who bring that one of a kind work that our guests are looking for.  Each artist displays their goods in their own space, allowing attendees to peruse their booth at a leisurely pace, often making a connection with an artist that they will collect for years to come.  If you are an artist looking for that “right place” to meet your public, the Big Chili event will provide you with the setting you have been craving – a relaxed atmosphere, full of people who value the talent of a fine artist and will give you a chance to explain some of what you do.  Join us for your introduction to the more than 5,000 people who will be in attendance and a wonderful day in the mountains of Evergreen!


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