Take Note

Several times in the last few days we have been struck by the high and continuous commitment to volunteerism that exists in the mountain towns.  It is nothing out of the ordinary to hear of a person that is working a major event, and answering phone calls for the EAPL, and serving on the Board for the Center for the Arts Evergreen, and teaching Bible Study at their church.  How do people find the time for all of this, and why in the world do they do it?  The question is baffling, and perhaps not even worth asking.  After all, why they do it or even how is not as crucial as the fact that they do it at all.  Enthusiasm for volunteering isn’t something that can be thrust upon someone, it can’t even really be taught.  It is part of life long journey of believing that one person makes a difference, that being part of community is a privilege, that things don’t happen just because we want them to, and that work, whether for financial reward or not, contributes to a healthy, well-balanced life.  The astonishing part comes when you realize that literal droves of these volunteer thinkers live in our mountain communities and every day make it possible for all of us to participate in this “better than whatever is second on the list” life that we live here.  If you are one of the many who give even when things are tight, who show up even when you are tired, who laugh when others are whining – take this to heart because we mean it.  Thank you.

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