Twenty-First Century

So, you are wondering what has happened to the world where a handshake and a cup of coffee, or even a phone call was the accepted means of communication.  Well, at the Big Chili we still believe in those best of all worlds where talking across a table is always preferable to talking with your thumbs on a little box that sends poorly worded messages that are void of proper punctuation.  We are however, realists, in the sense that when it comes to raising money for our favorite people, the Fire and Rescue services of the mountain communities, we will use whatever means are effective and available.  Thus, the Big Chili Cook-off Music and Arts Festival Blog and Social Network have come to be.  Through this effort we are currently reaching 5,000 people daily and it is climbing all the time, and you, regardless of where you live can be a part of this great effort for our firefighters by a sponsorship of our social networking efforts.  Your company name will not only show up and be talked about on our facebook, fan page, twitter and blog every day, but you will be thought of as a partner with the Blue Spruce Kiwanis and the Big Chili Cook-off in our efforts to support the people who risk all to protect us in the mountain communities.  They are heroes and we want them to know that we are proud of them and thankful for their sacrifice.  You can tell them yourself and the entire community with your sponsorship that you are on board.  It works for all of us.


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