Fire Season

So we’re excited about the upcoming Big Chili Cook-off Music and Arts Festival that will be held on the Evergreen Lake House grounds on Sunday September 11th, but we are reminded over the last several weeks of why we have the event in the first place.  The chili and the music, the art, the challenge, the kids’ fun, it’s all about raising money to support our volunteer firefighters.  On Friday as we drove down Highway 74, past County Road 65 watching the road blocks and the emergency personnel gathered at the intersection, we could see the smoke billowing from the Soda Creek area and we knew that our firefighters were just up the road, doing their job, one of many fires they have attended to since mid March.  By 10:20 pm, the evacuees were allowed to go back to their homes, all of them still standing, and by midnight the fire was considered contained.  As we breathed our collective sigh of relief we knew that this would not be the last fire of the season, and a nearly audible “thank you” went out to all of our firefighting volunteers.  We never appreciate what they do more than when we are experiencing a dry, windy spring and we are watching our neighbors’ homes, or our own being saved by people who train hard and work hard to protect our lives in the mountains.  So once again, and not for the last time, we send our thanks to all of you.  You are heroes, every one.


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