Legendary Spirit

As we approach the tenth anniversary of the September attacks on our country we are forced to remember a day that many of us would like to forget, yet we know that forgetting is not possible and the memories must serve a purpose.  The Big Chili is committed to remembering the people lost that day as they were simply sitting in their offices, starting out on a business trip, traveling to meet family, working in the building set aside for the purpose of protecting our country.  We are also fervent about honoring the ones who bravely walked directly into the mouth of disaster, knowing that the chance of being eaten alive was great, but unable to turn away from the need.  We think of the ones with sadness and pride who died that day, firefighters – many of them volunteers, and police officers, and thank once again, because we are truly grateful, the ones who survived to save another life.  Your bravery turned an attack that was meant to destroy us, into a day when we were reminded that we are Americans and the same tough devotion to the call that many have faced preserving our freedom, runs through the veins of the people who stepped up in a dark hour and gave us a glimmer of the victory to come.


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