Blessings from Heaven

It’s April 13th and we are excited about the snow.  It isn’t a blizzard, just a nice wet snow falling straight down coating the ground with a subtle quilting, no drifts or winter like winds.  April doesn’t seem like the time for snow in many parts of the country, but in the mountain communities we will take any kind of moisture we can get.  We have been on an every other day wild fire schedule for the past few weeks and the precipitation is exactly what the doctor ordered.  Our firefighters have been working overtime, which implies that they are paid for their service which they aren’t.  It is simply to say that the volunteers who protect us from being consumed by fire have been on call or on the job almost around the clock and this small respite in the midst of the dry, windy days is a godsend.  So we are thankful for the moisture, even though it is snow.  Being cold beats being on fire every time.


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