Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity

When we endeavor to put together an event like the Big Chili, we are taking on a mass of planning and logistics that require careful attention and a lot of man hours.  The day of the event comes together with the efforts of many volunteers, over 200, all people committed to helping our volunteer firefighters, and excited about being a part of this mammoth mountain celebration.   The Big Chili Board of Directors, all volunteers themselves, are pleased to welcome Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity to the mix for the event day.  Habitat will be filling the role of Hospitality Engineers on September 11th, and their contribution will make the day better than ever before.  They will be there to help cooks, artists and attendees find their way to the right places, as well as see that things are moving along as they should, with all the details taken care of.  The Blue Spruce Kiwanis, hosts of the Big Chili, spend man hours and make cash donations to the Blue Spruce Habitat organization and are thrilled to have them coming alongside in the Big Chili effort.  We all do better when we work together.  Thank you, Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity for doing what you do best and leading by example.


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