Saving the Ranch

It’s the everyday work that makes all the difference, the getting out there when two, three, maybe four fires have suddenly started along Highway 285 near Conifer.  It’s a grass fire moving across the open space of Meyer Ranch, threatening homes and the acres set aside for outdoor recreation in Jefferson County.  The firefighting men and women of the mountain communities battled winds gusting between 35 and 50 miles per hour, while homes in the area were evacuated and 40 acres of open space burned.  It all started on Thursday and by Friday evening the fire was contained, people went back to their homes and the Meyer family Victorian Farm House that stands watch over the park remained unscathed, hopefully for another hundred years.  It is never as sensational when the fires come and go in short order without loss of structure or life, and relatively small loss of forest, but the work of fighting the fire is no less exhausting, and the devotion to duty no less heroic.  Our mountain firefighting teams do it again and again, and already several times this spring.  They are especially good at what they do, and we are especially blessed they do it for us.


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