Personal Courage

The casualty toll at the Pentagon may have been much worse September 11, 2001, officials say, without the heroic actions of many Soldiers and civilian employees that day.

“There were an unknown number of acts of personal courage and heroism,” said then-Brig. Gen. Clyde A. Vaughn, who was serving as deputy director of military support to civil authorities.

Many people performed selfless acts of courage that day. An example is Staff Sgt. Christopher Braman, who was a cook at the Pentagon. After the attack, he went back inside the burning Pentagon to assist people. One of these people was office worker Sheila Moody. She couldn’t speak because of intense smoke inhalation and she was clapping her hands, hoping someone would hear her. Braman heard her, and brought her out. September 11 was only Moody’s second day on the job, and she credits Braman with being her guardian angel that day.

Braman also helped to find and recover a number of casualties from the Pentagon, volunteering to stay on site into the night working with first responders. He received the Purple Heart for his injuries and the Soldier’s Medal for his bravery. 



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