Evergreen Newspapers

As we frequently say here at The Big Chili Cook-Off, without our sponsors, this event would never happen. Thankfully, people here have a sense of community, and many businesses in Evergreen and the surrounding locales have jumped on board in support of our mountain area fire departments. One such sponsor is Evergreen Newspapers Inc., a publisher of four weekly newspapers in the area. These publications include: Canyon Courier, serving Evergreen and surrounding communities; Clear Creek Courant, serving towns along the I-70 corridor; Columbine Courier, serving areas of southwestern Jefferson County; and The High Timber Times, serving towns along the 285 corridor.

A special thank you goes to the Canyon Courier, which will be dedicating the front page on September 7, 2011, to The Big Chili Cook-Off. Because of their generosity, countless people will see information about the event just a few days before the fun begins. In addition to this, for every new subscription sold at The Big Chili itself, Evergreen Newspapers will donate $5 to our volunteer fire departments. It all comes together because of the involvement of many. Thank you, Evergreen Newspapers!


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