Heritage Square, in Golden, Colorado, is one of the world’s foremost and best-preserved examples of Storybook design, a form of architecture translating the stage and cinematic arts to real life. Although the original park closed in 1960, it reopened in 1971 and today it features a collection of artisan shops, children’s rides, the second alpine slide outside a ski resort in North America, the Heritage Square Music Hall, Rio Golden train (a five inch scale replica of a Colorado narrow gauge railroad), and more. Admission is free, and it is open year-round. 

One of the newest attractions at the park is Miner’s Maze. As the only human maze in the Denver metro area, Miner’s Maze Adventureland offers a unique environment where you get lost and let your imagination run wild. With a challenging, brain-bending, action-packed two-level labyrinth, friends can watch the twists and laugh at the turns. The maze offers a unique adventure for family fun entertainment.

At the amusement park there are several rides to entertain your little ones, such as a carousel, tea cups, and bumper boats, to name a few. And those adventurers in the family can take the scenic chair lift to the top of the mountain, grab a sled and cruise down one of two 1/2 mile tracks on the famous Alpine Slide!

For those in the family who prefer to skip the rides and attractions, there is a variety of shopping and dining, as well as the Heritage Square Dinner Hall & Music Theatre and the Children’s Theatre. 

Heritage Square – a local gem with so much to offer that just about anyone can find something there to love. Hop on over for a day of fun, imagination, and good old Colorado-style relaxation.


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